Arjun of the YahYel Ω Full Moons and Solar Storms

Wieteke facilitates both group- and private sessions with Arjun, for anyone who resonates with this particular path of self-empowering & love-based information. This is a Q&A segment from a Group event by ARJUN of the YahYel (channeled by Wieteke Koolhof) recorded at “Wicked Grounds” in Amsterdam | The Netherlands | AUG.1st.2019   Website: Facebook:…  … Read the rest

Arjun of the Yahyel ~ Light Languages & The Asthar Command

This is a Q & A segment from a Group event by ARJUN (channeled by Wieteke Koolhof) recorded in Arkel / The Netherlands on June 30th – 2019     Website:  … Read the rest

Arjun of the Yahyel ~ The 6th & 7th Sense ~ 4th Density ~ The point of Life

In this video Are there more then the 5 physical senses we are aware of? – Can you give us a preview of an aspect of being focussed in 4th density / 5th dimension? – When will we manifest the 5th dimension on Earth? – What is the ‘point’ of life?     Website:  … Read the rest

Bashar 🌀 The Yahyel are Shalanaya ~ Those Who Come First

This video was put together to help answer questions regarding Bashar’s use of the word ‘shalanaya’ and the name ‘Yahyel’. In Bashar’s language, the word ‘shalanaya’ means “those who come first.” He calls the Yahyel the shalanaya because he perceives that the Yahyel will be “those who come first” to have open contact with us.   Bashar has also said that the Yahyel made visual contact with us in what is known as the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings that occurred over… Read the rest