Pleiadian Perspective on June 2020 Solstice Energies

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy share their perspective on the energies of the June 2020 solstice. They take a look ahead at the potentials from June to December and suggestions on how to navigate these times.     Website:  … Read the rest

Pleiadian Perspective on Current Events ~ June 2020

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian collective, as channeled by Wendy Kennedy, share their perspective on what’s needed as we move through the energies of the global pandemic and protests.   For more information or to register for a live, online event with The Pleiadian Collective, visit  … Read the rest

2020 & The Acceleration of Time Ω A Pleiadian Perspective

Channeled By Wendy Kennedy   The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on the upcoming energies of 2020 and the increased perspective of time.   Source:  … Read the rest

The Pleiadian Collective ~ The Gift of Gratitude By Wendy Kennedy

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective the importance of using gratitude in the process of manifestation and your health and well-being.     Website:  … Read the rest

9D Pleiadian Collective ~ The Positive and the Negative

9D Pleiadian Collective Via Wendy Kennedy The whole is made up of the positive and the negative. You can’t have one without the other. By putting yourself in neutral observance you don’t see the right or the wrong but the totality of it. The moment you see the totality, you liberate yourself.   Know that you can be comfortable with somebody else’s discomfort. You can still be present but just not engage in their energy.”   You are lovable exactly as you… Read the rest

Pleiadians ~ Allow the external world to be a mirror for you

The Pleiadians Channeld by Wendy  kennedy   As you become more heart centered, you create greater well being for yourself thus allowing your greater clarity in all aspects of your life.   Allow the external world to be a mirror for you, to reflect back all that you vibrate. Be present in the now to view the reflection so that you may actively acknowledge where you are and consciously choose your desired vibrational destination. As you recognize the frequencies with which you… Read the rest

Pleiadian Perspective on Patience (and a Language of Light Activation)

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on patience as well as a Language of Light activation to help you maintain the frequency.     Get a Private Session with The Pleiadians:   Website:  … Read the rest

Pleiadians ~ Stand in Peace in the Light of your Soul

Love and accept yourself unconditionally. The more unconditional you are with yourself, the more available you are to be unconditional with others. Open to new and different experiences, which in a challenging moment, may be unknown to you. Trust in yourself and your ability to align with these higher frequencies. Your joy is contagious and it is the embodiment of divine Source energy in physical form.   Letting go of the preconceived notions of how something is going to turn out… Read the rest

Pleiadians ~ Shifting in Frequency and adapting effortlessly to your New Creations

All is perfect as it is in this moment. Whatever shows up for you in the moment is perfect. The more you can bless, thank and have gratitude for a moment, whether it be positive or negative, the faster you can elevate yourself. When the divine connection is flowing, you automatically align with everything that will create balance for you. Approach life from a state of curiosity without expectation and life begins to become more excithing, more fun and much… Read the rest

Pleiadian Message By Wendy Kennedy

When you are connected to the heart center, you start to receive information that allows you to connect directly to change in an easy and effortless way. Then you will have ideas about the actions you want to take.   The Heart has access to all wisdom, all that ever was and all that will be. It is safe to be loved. I open to receive love unconditionally. I stand in my uniqueness in my relationships. I hold my center as… Read the rest

Pleiadians ~ Dualistic Universe Two Polarities

In a dualistic Universe there are always two polarities. Good/bad, right/wrong. If both polarities are not fully engaged in equal measure, you are not allowing the full energy to run. By creating a separation from one of the polarities, you are cutting off that full run because Source Energy is both polarities combined.   Earth is a grand experiment. The ‘game’ if you will, is about polarity integration. How far can we descend into density and forget who we are, forget… Read the rest