Dr. Steven Greer ~ *Unseen Footage* This is The CLEAR EVIDENCE!

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DR. STEVEN GREER ~ It Will Be an OPEN SOURCE Platform ~ Ultra Classified Information!!!

What you have just heard; Only a handful of people on earth know, even in classified projects; Is highly compartmented. This is really way past TSSCI – Top Secret Special Compartmented Intelligence.” | Dr. Steven Greer   ►Special thanks to DR. STEVEN GREER https://siriusdisclosure.com  … Read the rest

Real Triangle UFO (TR-3B) Caught on Film 2019 & Why MSM acknowledges UFOs

Ever heard of the TR-3B? Recently, the US Navy declassified a patent for an special craft that can form its own gravitational field and travel at exponential speeds. In this episode of Edge of Wonder, one of our fans, @AlaraofSirius sent us a video of her recent experience at CITD where she captured one.   We also explore what this craft is, other videos that have been released publicly, and why all of the sudden UFO’s are everywhere in the mainstream… Read the rest