The Arcturian Council ~ About this Mercury Retrograde (Stay in your Power




As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends💖

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We must allow this Mercury retrograde to show to us how things are restructuring in our lives and the benefit of this restructuring. We will be reflecting on and revisiting not only old patterns and themes, but old time lines (in and out brielfy). This is necessary to understand the purpose in things and re-orient them in our lives.


In the past, you may have felt a need to make a choice between the old and the new…
but now there is more firm ground underneath you as your highest timeline continues to emerge.


Things may present to us even in the physical (may just “pop right back up”).

Will NOT necessarily be shocking or surprising
But instead, a representation of the manifestation moving forward.


Even though it is an element of what you might may consider the past, it is also a representation of the newness of how to move forward as this new thing.


This is the difference between operating from your Power of Creation and higher perspective and operating at the mercy of the old denser energies (not claiming your power of creation). This is next level. You are recognizing and KNOWING your power and responsibility of the creation of these things.


During this Mercury Retrograde, you must be in your Creator, Manifestor Power. See all of these things through this lense. Do not allow the waves of thought and energy around you to push you around. Instead, understand the nature of events (as we have described them to you). Be in the KNOWING of this.


You are in your KNOWING now. Even if you do not completely understand yet, you are moving into this. Your body, your cells, your DNA is integrating this now. Begin to embrace it (in this yet another cycle). Claiming it, owning it, knowing it will allow the process to happen more quickly and smoothly.


“Be that thing you wish to conquer. Know that the thing you wish to come forth is already amongst you. It is already a part of you. This next level is knowing. Be in your knowing.”


The Arcturians


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