The Arcturian Council ~ Multidimensionality Awareness ∞ Operating From More Than One Perspective




As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends💖 Transcript below


You can maneuver through and from more than one Perspective at the same time.

(Perspective is literally referring to higher frequency versions of yourselves.)

• You can observe what is happening even within your own life and physically perform duties within that perspective… “and you are then tasked (with your brilliance, with your forward momentum, your expansion, and what you now know)… to operate from your higher aspects as well.”

• In doing this, you are enveloping and merging with your higher aspects in terms of how you view, approach, and then behave around what is happening.


Some of you listening still believe (deep in the recesses of your body)
that you do not actually yet have these higher perspectives… that you are somehow less than.


It is time to begin releasing this belief.


You do have these higher dimensional perspectives
whose molecular makeup vibrate at a faster rate.
• They resonate at higher frequencies, and therefore see and feel information more clearly (It is less interrupted).
• And you are able to access these vantage points now, as you expand and call more light into your crown and heart space. You can make room for this truth by slowly letting go of the illusion of limitation.


This further pronounces the splitting of timelines
(the “energetic composition” of a huge expansion of consciousness)
• “On a higher level this is happening with so many of you that it is broad within the consciousness of the splitting of the collective energies, the timelines if you will)…”
• Some have willingly chosen (from their Higher Perspectives) to experience without being conscious of their ability to rise above (in consciousness above events).
• Lovingly allow them their own choice.


But this is your coming MASTERY.
It is the responsibility of those who have chosen conscious understanding and expansion to continue to develop their magic and powers of quantum creation (as the new energies continue to ground themselves)

• “A skill which you will become very accomplished with during these times”
• Not only reserved for “now”, but for your continued expansion
• You can become accustomed to this while you still, at times, maneuver somewhat through the denser reality (for the purpose of compassion, understanding, and connection).

Many of you are working on this now.
Perfecting the art of protecting your field from “the emotional disarray” of others
• In doing this, you will magnetize growth, healing, and beauty to your environment
• And as a result, influence the fields of others much more rapidly than if you were to join in the disarray.
*Imagine this effect as light bulbs turning on one after the other,
and each light slowly over time becoming brighter.


If you are conscious, you can be doing this on some level, regardless of your overall specific purpose or point in your journey


This is the “key code” to the building of everything.


The Arcturians:
This is what we would like you to understand in these moments. And again this will affect all of your lives moving forward, and has affected your lives before now, as this is not new information. This is merely very relevant information for these moments as you are on the cusp, on the precipice of clear comprehension of what this mastery really means for you.


And you will see the benefits so rapidly and so purely in front of your eyes as it unfolds… this healing and this brilliant beauty that will come out of something that does not appear as though it has the ability to produce such a thing.


We love you. We are here as well. Many of us are aspects of you who understand and wish to continue to help you further this expansion for the righteousness and balance of all! We are the Arcturian Council. We love you so very much and we are with you.


End transmission.

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I am a Blue Ray integrated Arcturian Channel. The Activations that I create help humans access and unlock their Original Divine template, activating the dormant DNA strands. The codes are hidden in the messages that I channel, which are driven by the needs of the collective.


Blessings my friends🦋


Yolanda Marie


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