The Creator ~ A Little Fine Tuning




Today, you are being asked to pause for a moment and really feel!  Take a little time and performed a ‘self-check-in’.  What are you feeling, how are you feeling it, it is emotional, mental or physical?  The Universe designed the human body to pick up (and broadcast) your current state of being to you and those around you.  Rather than stuffing those feelings and emotions; look at them closely and see what needs to be changed!  They do not have to be huge leaps forward; baby steps will do. (Smiling) Allowing these brief moments of self-care will give you the opportunity to fine tune your journey and to help yourself, as well as others, more effectively.  If you are stuck, ask what you need and allow it to be done in safety and comfort! 


The Universe is always standing at the ready to assist when you call.  Have faith and know it will be done in the highest and best way.  Remember, you are an ascending master on a path that will always guide in a direction that is best for you. ~ Creator


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  1. Have faith and know it will be done in the highest way (Creators latest message) and it just turned 11.11pm.when that message arrived…and I always say “what do I need for my highest good ” at that very moment….SYNCRONICITY YEAH!! 🌎🌹

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