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God said:

I pat the seat beside Me. This seat is for you. I have been saving it for you. Come, sit down beside Me. Do as I ask. Gladden My heart. Of course, your heart will be the most gladdened of all. You are invited to the garden of My heart. It is all tilled and waiting for you to come and blossom for all the world to see, for you to see, for you to see how much you mean to Me, and how much you are worth to yourself. See now.


Come, sit beside Me, and bring the world into its new blossoming. Help the world to know its worth. Neglect not the world. The Earth is the only planet you have to live on right now. I am talking about the relative world. This is the only world under your feet at this time, and your influence on this innocent Earth is great. You have a relationship with this manifest world. You are not independent of it, nor is it independent of you. There is something going on between you. Let it be a romance going on between you. Let the Earth be like a blossoming plant you put at the center of your table and love to see. Bless this Earth with your presence.


Why wouldn’t you bless the Earth you live on? Bless it now. Bless it later. Bless it. Give the world your blessings. Bless life on Earth. The Earth you live and love on has been good to you. Don’t kick it. Don’t despair of it. Bless it. Thank it. If you don’t like the way your beloved child combs his hair, comb it differently then. The Earth is as your beloved child and it yearns for your love.


It is not quite possible to separate your life on Earth from the Earth itself. This is the planet you cohabit. Restore it to its original state. Plant seeds of love everywhere. When you nourish one foot of the soil of the Earth, you nourish the whole planet. Your neighborhood rests on this planet and the planet rests on you. Its happiness right now rests on you. Nourish this world with your thoughts. Nourish it lavishly. Pour your blessings upon it.


Tear down the fences in your heart.


A trodden lot of Earth, dried up and neglected, can become the Garden of Eden. First it becomes the Garden of Eden in your heart, and then it reveals itself in all its glory. Who will plant a new seed first? Let everyone be first. Be the first to pat the soil and invited beauty to come, just as I pat this seat beside me. As loving as I am to you, be as loving to the Earth and the face it presents to you.


The Earth is more than the sum of its parts, and yet you can nourish the parts. You can extol them. You can create the beauty you so desire, and you can create the good will you have long been seeking.


You walk the Earth. Let Us walk the Earth together. It is good to plant in fertile soil. And if the soil is presently not fertile, then make it fertile. Make it healthy. Let your feet and hearts bless this Earth you walk on, and so you bless yourself.


Bless the house you live in. Earth is the house you live in. Make it beautiful. Make it beautiful for you, and make it beautiful for all to see. What you are really planting is good fortune. That you serve is your good fortune.



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