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Thursday, October 31, 2019

You are the right stuff. You are correctly understanding that you are more than your past illusionary life. More than your pasts grievances and woes and frights and fears. They have had their say and it is done.


You are coming to a place in your his-story, when you are choosing again. Enough is enough with the fear. “I am choosing, I am going to try a path of love and see where that leads me.”


Let the bats out of the belfry because you are going Home. You are awakening to the Truth. The truth is that you are no longer a martyr. You no longer need to dream a nightmare of fear. You are acquiescing to your past thoughts no longer. You are trusting that there is more of you. And this is the right stuff that you are now creating from.


You are choosing to overlook the grievances from the past and are finding a better way. Your brothers and sisters had an interesting saying in times past, “Make love, not war”. You are doing just that.


You are finding a way to identify with the energy of love. And you are using this correct identification, this correct tutelage to change your world, quite literally. Because love truly will change things, first within, then without.


It is the reason why everything is starting to shift. Everything can change on a dime, friends. First within, then without. First in consciousness, then in the external.


The world is changing, because You have declared it so. You are understanding your power. You are the right stuff.


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