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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Create distance from fear by trying love on for size. 

Love is powerful. 

Love can do bench presses.

You have been taught aggression is power and the military forces have your back.


You have been playing with fire and have been doing so for eons of time. 

You are now slotted to understand what love can do. 

It is like a new fragrance at the shopping mall,  ” Care to try on our new cologne? “


You are to understand the gifts that have been passed onto you. 

You have traveled with them. 

You did not forget them on the plane ride over. 

The key is to invite this energy, this power in on a daily basis. 

You cannot cram for this like a test on a high school or a college exam.


Daily application is key.

Learn to respond to the calling of your heart.

Learn to lead your life through the orchestration of love. 

Love is a vibration.

Love is your Destiny.

Love is your True Reality. 


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