The Masters ~ Remember that you are truly in Charge



Friday, November 8, 2019

See all as unfolding beautifully, because it is. Some of you are being tested, tested with old energies – see them as coming up for healing rather than for annoyance. Because as you realize, as you recognize that these old energies are surfacing for your healing, for your benefit, you will understand, you will remember that you are truly in charge. You are learning that you are not these old energies, these old emotions. You are love. So, the energies may test you. They may reveal where you are still not aligning with Love, where you are still allowing your energy to bleed off. That is okay. Because they are showing you, teaching you where your leaks are. They are helping you to be stronger. They are truly showing you the way out of your illusionary state into nirvana. So welcome each moment in. Each moment is teaching you how to re-identify with the Power, with the energy of Love. Because you are Love Incarnate. You are Love Itself.


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