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Friday, November 1, 2019

Many of you are encountering interesting “twists and turns” while driving your new light vehicles and are wondering what is going on. What is happening dear ones is that you are learning how to master your energy in the new frequencies and you are in need of some basic driving instructions. You are finding out that you are not going to go right, when your thought patterns say to go left. You are not going to reach your destination smoothly, without any potholes when you are in alignment with a “fear pattern” of encountering a pothole. Is it any wonder then when you end up driving on the one street with the pothole? It is time dear ones to leave the driving to your True Self, to merge with Higher consciousness, to align with Source. Some of you have been driving with fear in your passenger seat for far too long. You take it out to dinner and order whatever it would like from the menu. It is time to let fear out at the next curb. Remember, you are Master creators and you are creating now at accelerated rates. Trust your Higher Self to alert you to where to go and how to get there. Travel with your Higher Self. Travel with your Light.


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