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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Surrender to love. In each moment, you have the power to heal lifetimes of wounds, lifetimes of heartaches and misery, lifetimes of misunderstandings and experiences of treason, as you surrender to love. Because love is the ultimate healer. Love will take you to your advancement. When you surrender to love, you will delight in discovering how truly safe you are. How all the struggles have simply been recycling, allowing you time, giving you opportunity to choose again. There is a wise old soul standing by, ready and willing with ease to show you the ropes, as you surrender to love. You need not figure anything out from the mental capacity. You only need to surrender to love. Love will spring forth with answers unheard of in the linear world. Love is your connection to your God Self. Love is the answer key. Surrender to this energy in all ways, and watch your life take a new turn. Watch it bloom in ways your linear mind cannot even begin to conceive of – when you surrender to Love.


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