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Saturday, September 28, 2019

What if you could significantly rise in consciousness by day’s end? Would you be interested? Would you try it? Invest in your Holy Self today by realizing, recognizing that everyone, every One is Holy Innocent. You see, each time you witness a “faux pas” of another you are witnessing One of the Light responding to ego tendencies, egoic attributes, out of ignorance, out of forgetfulness of who they truly are. In truth, you are witnessing a false reality, a dream reality of consciousness which temporarily appears quite real, we understand. So the more that you can “forgive them their sins”, the more that you can see them as Holy Innocent, the faster you and they will come Home to Truth. The faster you will witness your Own Innocence and rebirth into Christ Consciousness. It is true. You are Holy Innocent and you are waking up to that realization more and more quickly now.


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