Channeled through Asara Adams July 28, 2019

“We are here NOW.We LOVE You.We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.


Dear Ones, millions of StarShips are holding the LIGHT around your planet to assist with the project “Ascension Earth.”


The Spiritual and Emotional Evolution of HUmanity led through many different stages of exploration and growth.


With every dark moment, the Souls of HUmans cried out “No more!” and your Heart’s desire formed the New Earth, which is approaching fast NOW.


Many of you are BEginning to see, feel and experience glimpses of the New Earth reality.


The more you acknowledge moments of LOVE, PEACE, BLISS, ABUNDANCE, WELLBEING and ONENESS, the further you are stepping into the New Earth dimension.


The more you are letting go of all old paradigms, beliefs and pain, the faster you are entering this Higher vibrational experience of the New Earth.

The more you are holding the vision for the New Earth, the more you are connecting with this Collective Desire of creating Heaven on Earth.


Many of you have started with this process years ago and NOW, Critical Mass has been reached.


Realities are NOW Shifting with Lighting speed and the old worlds are crumbling.

Celebrate your Milestones and Successes in the little moments and in the Grand Scale of things.


The time has come to walk tall, with your head up High, to bring in the New Golden Age of Gaia.You are the bringers of this New Golden Age and The New Earth.


You came here to this world to accomplish this together with all realms of LIGHT, who are assisting and supporting you on this journey.


At times, it might not look like much is happening.
But that is NOT so…

Behind the scenes, all is BEing orchestrated to allow for the LIGHT to increase on your planet and to lift up All Life into the Higher Dimensions.Do Not get distracted by the 3D illusion that was part of the game here on Earth.


Simply focus on all the positive experiences that are already in your life.That is what is real.

Anything less is the illusion, that you can choose to let go of.
Look forward to and expect All Good things to manifest in your life!
We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is Glorious.


We are with YOU, every step of the way.
You are Loved beyond measure.
We are with You… always. We LOVE You.
WE are YOU.




Channeled through Asara Adams


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