Touching Heaven Ω Your Heart, a Kite That Flies



God said:

Your heart is designed to thrive. You have a mighty heart. It is not a wimp. No, it is not. Your heart is a stronghold of love. Your heart thrives on love. There is nothing else worthy for your heart to do but to thrive on love. The food of your heart is love. Nothing else is.


Remove all constraints from your heart. Your heart is not to wear a girdle. You do not gird your heart. You free it. Free your heart. Free the whales. Free everything. Free your heart from ungainly servitude to false gods such as sufferance, vanity, lack, inhibition, and distress. Love your heart. Love this Holy Conveyance of Love. Love your heart, and set it free. Set your heart free once and for all. Take no hostages.


Free your heart, and you free all hearts. You set the pace of your heartbeat. Set it not fast or slow. Set it high on the love meter. What have you been doing? You have tightened your heart. You have pulled a noose around it. Have you not constrained your heart? Haven’t you given it fearful rules? Have you not choked your heart until it submits to your rule?


Your heart is strong. There is no need to protect your heart from itself. A heart is a heart. A heart is a heart and nothing else but a heart. A heart is not guarded. A heart is generous and gives and gives of itself. If you want your heart to be happy, you must allow it its freedom to love and to love more. Abandon all restrictions on your heart. Do not squeeze it. Do not close it. Do not isolate it. Do not repress it. Open, open, open your heart. Open it wide. There is no dentist who is going to drill your heart. There is no chef who is going to grill it. There is no detective who will grill your heart either.


Your heart is a receptacle of love. Your heart is a receiver. It picks up all hearts and succors them. Your heart is meant to be a haven. Your heart is meant to be the closest thing on Earth to Heaven. You have to allow your heart full range. Your heart is not meant to be tied and gagged. Set your heart free to be the heart I made it to be. A big heart. A full heart. An encompassing understanding heart full of love.


If your heart feels weak, you have tied it tight. Any degree of tightness is too tight. No longer hamper your heart. Take your heart into the bright sun. The Day of the Heart has risen on Earth. Your heart was born free. Let go of its bonds now. Free your heart to love now.


How do you free your heart? You take off all the barriers. Protective coverings are barriers. Begin to do your heart justice. Let your heart fully be what it is was born to be. Your heart is a connector, not a disconnector. Love near, love far, just love. Let your heart be all it is, not just some of what it is. Do not suffocate your heart. Do not trample on it. Do not trample on another’s heart either. There is no reason for it. A pure heart is untrammeled. Unbind your heart. Let your heart shine before all men. Let your heart shine.


Your heart is not to pick and choose. Your heart has chosen love. That’s your heart’s whole story. Your heart will find its way. Your heart’s way is My Way. Your heart knows how to follow My Will. Do not hold back your heart. Unrestrain it. Let your heart be a kite that flies.



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